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UON Technologies
781 E Terrace Mall
Tempe, AZ 85282

Website: uontechnologies.com

Fundamentally based on low-power, wireless network communications, UON Technologies opens up transformative possibilities in underwater sensing and communications.

Project Title

GUI and Python Coding

Project Description

Custom devices and projects for clients require a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the client to interface easily with the instrument and its functions. Even in internal testing and validation phases, GUIs are important to debug and characterize systems within the company.

A GUI programmer, preferably proficient in Qt, will be placed in general GUI development for embedded systems tests and applications. In addition, knowledge of Python will allow the programmer to write scripts for EAGLE, a popular circuit design and layout tool that UON is presently standardized to. Most of UON operations are in the ISTB4 building on the ASU Tempe campus, so the student should be willing and able to travel to the ASU Tempe campus.

Required Qualifications

A knowledge of C/C++ is required, as the GUIs will be programmed in Qt. In addition, Python will be used to program various simple scripts for use in EAGLE. Experience with EAGLE or Qt directly is preferred, but not required.

Other Details

Expected duration/deadline: 6 months / August 15, 2015

Expected number of students:
Computer Science or Computer Systems – 1

Requires US Citizenship: No

Requires Permanent Residency: No

Company Representative: David Ganger


Send an email to Karan Sharma <ksharm15@asu.edu> stating your interest in the project. You must be a cohort member of SPARCe to be considered for the project. Not a cohort member? Fill up the student interest form and we will get back to you!