Meaningful Real-World Experience

SPARCe (pronounced “sparky”) connects ASU students with local businesses and startups to work on web, app, and software based projects.

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Connect with students, entrepreneurs, and mentors.

Build a community of like-minded individuals.

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Build your résumé and skill set

Learn new skills or apply existing ones and show them off to future employers.

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Build your resumé

Tell employers about your SPARCe projects, and show them off on your portfolio.


You’ll have the opportunity to interact with other students with the same mindset, small business owners and entrepreneurs with big ideas, and mentors with tips and advice.

Learn a new skill

Never developed an app, website, or software? There’s always a place to start.


To promote quality engineering and business education and innovation by application based learning experience

Benefits to Students

 Students will get a chance to work on real projects from real companies, enhancing their skills and growing professionally.

Benefits to Businesses

Small, medium and large companies/businesses will get to work directly with students, get some important stuffs done, and more importantly check students out.