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Infinibotics, LLC
1405 E La Jolla Dr
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Infinibotics is a robotics security company.

Project Title

Robotic Route Planning

Project Description

Given an overhead map of pre-recognized and classified terrain, plan the best route for a robot from point a to point b that will get it there in the least amount of time without contacting any flagged obstacles in the allotted interval of time (i.e. time to process the request will be known and will vary given the situation). This path will then be converted to a series of command in our proprietary robot SDK and sent to the robot to be executed in the physical version of the map (i.e. commanding a robot in real life).

Deliverables are as follows:

  • Be able to parse the map with no obstacles, create straight route from point a-b, and send it to the robot to execute. You should also be able to output a version of the map with markings over it to show the optimal path (for debugging purposes).
  • Be able to parse a map with obstacles and find a route around them that gets the robot from point a-b, and send it to the robot to execute.
  • Be able to parse a map with obstacle as well as terrain data and be able to get the robot from point a-b.
  • Given time constraints, develop a multi-step solver that will give the best known routing solution when it’s deadline is reached.

Required Qualifications

Students strong in C/C++, embedded systems, as well as students versed in image recognition and/or route planning with possible need for some math/physics knowledge.

Other Details

Expected duration/deadline: 3 months / May 31, 2015

Expected number of students:
Electrical Engineering or Computer Systems – 2
Computer Science – 2

Requires US Citizenship: No

Requires Permanent Residency: No

Company Representative: Edward Andert


Send an email to Karan Sharma <> stating your interest in the project. You must be a cohort member of SPARCe to be considered for the project. Not a cohort member? Fill up the student interest form and we will get back to you!