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UON Technologies
781 E Terrace Mall
Tempe, AZ 85282

Website: uontechnologies.com

Fundamentally based on low-power, wireless network communications, UON Technologies opens up transformative possibilities in underwater sensing and communications.

Project Title

Process Management

Project Description

Manufacturing flow needs to be set up for the optical modem module (OMM) line of products. This includes finding the appropriate assembly house vendors and PCB manufacturers, establishing test requirements, bringing documentation to the customer and to our manufacturers, and establishing systems such as an inventory system, order entry and tracking system, and customer returns system. In addition, ideally the project will also standardize shipping and packaging uniformity of the OMMs, set up manufacturer accounting books, establish warranty guidelines and costs, and define how a customer would return goods with all costs laid out. A setup analysis tool of the different databases should be designed in order to give reports of the cost, effectiveness, and status of the manufacturing process to UON management. The manufacturing flow system needs to have visibility into the manufacturing process as well as be able to be adaptable as UON grows into more products/services to sell.

Required Qualifications

The student should be familiar with basic manufacturing flow requirements for technical projects.

Other Details

Expected duration/deadline: 4 months / July 31, 2015

Expected number of students:
Industrial Engineer – 1+

Requires US Citizenship: No

Requires Permanent Residency: No

Company Representative: David Ganger


Send an email to Karan Sharma <ksharm15@asu.edu> stating your interest in the project. You must be a cohort member of SPARCe to be considered for the project. Not a cohort member? Fill up the student interest form and we will get back to you!