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UON Technologies
781 E Terrace Mall
Tempe, AZ 85282

Website: uontechnologies.com

Fundamentally based on low-power, wireless network communications, UON Technologies opens up transformative possibilities in underwater sensing and communications.

Project Title

Business Development and Marketing

Project Description

Verified applications for optical underwater networks include pipeline and riser monitoring for oil & gas companies as well as perimeter monitoring and navigation for the defense industry. UON Technologies has interest and partnerships with various international system integrators, but the market opportunity has not been formally captured. This interest must be quantified with minimum technical specifications, and the business development position must work with UON engineers to determine the best path forward for research and development to capture a suitable and sustainable market. Documentation for the findings are essential, as they may be used in future rounds of funding.

While this position will deal heavily with business development, the candidate(s) will learn about technical sales and marketing, as the purpose of this position is to establish a stronger business presence.

Required Qualifications

In this environment, students must be highly motivated to help determine a future direction for the company to pursue. Experience in business development, sales, or marketing is preferred, but not required. While a technical background is not needed, the candidate must be comfortable with learning about high-tech products and R&D.

Other Details

Expected duration/deadline: 5 months / July 31, 2015

Expected number of students:
Business Development – 1
Public Relations & Marketing – 1 (Optional)

Requires US Citizenship: No

Requires Permanent Residency: No

Company Representative: David Ganger


Send an email to Karan Sharma <ksharm15@asu.edu> stating your interest in the project. You must be a cohort member of SPARCe to be considered for the project. Not a cohort member? Fill up the student interest form and we will get back to you!