mayank-sparceName: Mayank Prasad (aka Max)

Major: Computer Engineering

Leadership Role: Director of Strategy

Ninja Skills: I can program computers that do not have a screen! We sometimes call it Embedded Systems. I like starting things up and giving opportunities to others. I am also good in teaching and simplifying things to people, making education one of my passions!

Greatest Accomplishment: My greatest accomplishment so far would be to register my company, maxEmbedded in India last year. I am lucky to have found trustworthy people who want to take this dream of mine forward along with me. 🙂

Ventures: My venture, maxEmbedded, is an embedded consulting company in India. In addition to consulting, we also promote quality education across schools and colleges in India. We are on our way to creating a revolution.

What engineering means to me: Engineering means changing the world. Engineers change the world! Do you want to change the world or just want to live in one?