Last week was very busy and tiring for us. It feels like we have taken a gazillion interviews! Finally we went to our whiteboard and started assigning students to all the projects that we have! It looked somewhat like this:

At this point we have more than 60 students sign up, so much that we are now overboard! We have stopped taking in students for now (sorry, we will be up again very soon, we promise!). We have already secured 15 projects from 8 companies with 2 more projects in pipeline!

We are hosting a welcome event for all the peeps who have been allotted projects and those in waitlist on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at MU 226, 7-8 pm. We also have free pizza for you! We will tell you more about our projects, introduce you to your team and get you in touch with your mentors!

If you haven’t signed up, or haven’t been interviewed yet, you are invited to get engaged with us as well! Otherwise just come for some pizza. 🙂